Supporting Growth, Women & Small Business

Hey friends.  My latest photoshoot took place last week and it struck me while watching all the goodness go down . . .  how lucky I am to be working on growing my business, while also supporting other small business owners and creatives in the process!?!  I mean, it's pretty fantastic if you really thing about it.  While 2020 has taught many lessons, supporting small business and your local community is right up there at the top of the list.  

It's been a goal  this year to expand my brand image - namely better product and lifestyle photography! - and through that plan I've come to know and work with some very talented ladies.  Just with this last shoot - it was made possible by 4 women-owned small businesses and creatives:  

Peterson MADE Photoshoot.  Camp North End.  Charlotte, NC.

* Model:  A new friend and face you'll be seeing more of around here!!   Kaela is truly stunning and so very talented, and I'm so thankful to be building a new working relationship with her.  Check her out on Instagram @kaela_poses   The results of our photoshoot just came in, so stay tuned for more!   

* Make Up Artist:  Through working with Kaela, I have now come to know about Beth Beauty.  Her work speaks for itself as she accentuates the natural beauty in each of her clients.  

* Photographer: I've worked with Laura a few times now, but this new project is focused on content curation and up-leveling my brand positioning.  My first project with Laura was personal headshots (*see my picture on the About page or LinkedIn) and we are working together yet again!  Check her out at Laurel Belle Photography.  Laura has been so great to work with, I'm gaining so much valuable content, I'm learning a ton, and having fun while doing it! 

* Jewelry: {by me!!} All of the jewelry is from my jewelry brand, Peterson MADE.  If you've been following me for awhile, you already know that I love to mix metals.  I tend to design pieces that are bold enough to stand alone, or can easily be mixed / matched and worn together.  I'm a girl who prefers options, and mixing pieces that create layers, textures and interest just works.  

* Location:  I should mention that we held the photoshoot at Charlotte's Camp North End.  A 76-acre industrial site being transformed in a hub for innovation and creativity.  Camp Note End did not disappoint!   We had so many space and backdrop options to choose from.  It's truly a one-of-a-kind spot and worth a visit! 

I hope you can see the results of my investment and collaborations this year.  Designing and making the jewelry is obviously a very important aspect of my lil creative business, but there is so much more involved.  

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