Custom / Commissions / Restyles


Custom / Commissions / Restyles always start with a free consultation, where we will discuss your commission interest and scope.  You can book your consultation here, or join my email list so you can stay informed of commission windows opening or closing.  


To prepare for the Consultation appointment, it is helpful if you can provide as much information about your project interest.   Details like . . . what sort of piece you have in mind (ring, necklace, etc), desired metal (silver, gold, mixed metals, etc.), any style inspirations, ballpark budget, desired timelines, etc.). 

The following outlines the Terms & Conditions, as well as the overall process:  

Custom / Commission / Restyle Terms & Conditions

  • Schedule your free consultation to jointly discuss your project goals - e.g. what you have in mind, style inspirations, metal, desired budget, timelines, etc.  This meeting allows both parties to identify if the project is a good fit, feasibility, and if there is joint interest to move forward.   
  • To move forward a non-refundable $200 Design / Consult Fee is due to place your project on Barb's schedule and to advance to the Design phase.  Although this fee is non-refundable, the full amount will be treated as a down-payment and applied as a credit toward your total commission purchase upon final invoice delivery.  

  • Upon payment of the Design / Consultation Fee, your project will be placed on the Design & Production Schedule.  During Design, the outcomes from our consultation meeting will be considered, design concepts will be presented for client decision, materials and sizes will be finalized, and a solid quote will be provided. Your sign-off will be requested at this point bringing the Design phase to a close. 

  • Project Minimums
    • Customized made to order pieces sourced from Barb's collection or from her network of artisan suppliers, start at $500  
    • Commissioned projects requiring Design and Fabrication start at $1500 
    • To begin Production, 50% of the estimated quote will be due. Materials will be sourced and production will be scheduled. Your Production Initiation will be confirmed following invoice payment.
    • Any design or material changes requested throughout Production may alter the estimated quote, and may alter the payment schedule and / or the final amount due.
    • All custom orders / commissions / restyles are final and are not eligible for a return or a refund.
    • Payment of the remaining balance is due in full prior to delivery. A credit from the previously paid Design / Consultation Fee will be applied and reflected on your final invoice.  
    • Overall timelines vary by scope of project, availability of materials, methods of construction, and consideration of Barb's current waiting list.  Commissions can often take 4 to 16 weeks to complete all phases.  
    • Market volatility and fluctuations may alter estimated quotes slightly. The final rate will be dictated by the actual date of order & / or any changes received during production.
    • Estimates will always outline eligibility dates. Invoices not paid within the defined timeline may need to be recalculated given market fluctuations.
    • Invoices not paid timely, will move your project into a holding queue pending additional client direction. Estimates and schedules may need to be recalculated.

     * Client releases Peterson MADE, LLC from any liability for materials shipped to / or provided to Peterson MADE for a re-style. Peterson MADE is not responsible for any lost or stolen items in transit. The client acknowledges and accepts the inherent risk involved with customer provided metals and stones for restyles. Used stones can often have chips, cracks, flaws and scratches. Stones may be damaged before removal or may be damaged during rework. If the customer’s stone is cracked or damaged, PM will notify the client and work to minimize further damage.   Use of family gold may also present some challenges. The client will not hold Peterson MADE liable for any broken, cracked or damaged materials.

    ** Please note that all intellectual property rights and copyrights to contracted pieces are retained and owned by Barb Peterson.  Peterson MADE retains the rights to replicate all designs and/or close facsimiles of all designs.