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Yes! Another great ear piercing.

This is my third helix piercing with Barb.
After my first piercing with Barb, I knew she would be my primary piercer for the future.
She was very helpful and patient with all my questions concerning placement, jewelry choices ( lovely jewelry) and the healing process.
These piercings were the first that healed amazingly well. I have had three piercings in the last six months with Barb. Already thinking about another.


We just love our bracelets and I love my Opal addition from my daughter for my birthday. Barbara is great to work with and makes the visit so enjoyable. This is our second visit and we are going back again soon.

I adore Barb and all of her beautiful jewelry!

Great place!

Such a cute studio - I went in to get my permanent bracelets repaired. Barb was awesome and looking forward to going back to the studio for future jewelry or piercings!

Best Ever!

For Mother’s Day I was gifted a permanent anklet. Barb was FANTASTIC! She was so helpful, knowledgeable, and honest. While having my anklet done we talked how she does piercings too. Well I went back the next day and not only did I get 2 piercings but she replaced my bar from a previous piercing to a hoop.

Hands down the BEST piercer I’ve ever worked with (have 7 total- all ear). I barely felt any pain! I’m a fainter around needles and she was very patient and explained everything. I will and have recommended her to everyone. Great experience and Barb is amazing!

Pap’s fingerprint

I’m over joyed to have Dad’s fingerprint on a charm! I loved the process of getting his prints too. Plus you paired it with the perfect necklace. His name on the back was the perfect touch! I’ll love this forever! Thank you so much!

Trust = Enjoyment

At our first meeting, we instantly felt comfortable with Barb’s knowledge and her genuine desire to help. We ended up with total satisfaction and the enjoyment just keeps on going. Thanks Barb!

Best piercing experience ever!

Barb took time with me, explained what was happening (nose piercing) and did everything to make it the best experience possible. I think she is awesome and have been chatting her up to everyone.

You are making me blush! Thank you so much for your kind review. Plus, when willing to share your experience with others - it is truly a gift!!

Fabulous and unique birthday experience

I have bought jewelry from Peterson Made twice now, and really love it! So when my daughter wanted to get a new piercing, I went straight to Peterson Made website to sign up. We made a date for her birthday. Barb made us feel totally comfortable. She educated us and talked us through everything she did. I felt totally comfortable as I could see that everything was extremely clean and sterile. I highly recommend Peterson Made jewelry as well as Barb's piercing services!

Thank you so much for your trust! When you choose me, my creations and my services for a most-precious loved one... it truly means so much!

Super cute place and best piercing!

I found this cute little place by accident and so glad I did! Barb is lovely! Got a piercing a cute earring and another appt for more! Thanks so much!

Thank you so much Lisa! I'm so glad you found me and I appreciate you taking the time to share a review!

Curve Huggies
Jan Laney
Cutest ear huggies!!

So light, different from anything I have, and so cute!!! Quickly becoming my go-to, everyday accessory!! Barb makes jewelry that I want to wear and these earrings are a definite for easy-to-wear, looking-good style!! Thank you, Barb!!

Thank you so much Jan! I truly appreciate your business and so appreciate you taking time to share a review!

3rd times’s a charm - should I say 3rd visit?!!!😊

Barb is the best!!! I now have the pleasure of 3 ear piercings, a permanent necklace and a permanent anklet, not to mention, the gorgeous handmade jewelry that Barb creates!!! Wow!!! I’m a big fan!!!! Thank you, Barb, for your wonderful personality, your attention to detail, your caring…’s a joy to be a part of the Peterson Made family!!!!

Thank you so much for your lovely words Jan! I love having you in my studio and I truly appreciate your business and enthusiasm! You are a gem!


My piercings are perfectly placed, & healing nicely. Barb is so kind and listened to exactly what I wanted. She took all the sanitary precautions and the jewelry I selection she has is perfection.

I will be back to complete my delicate ear piercing project soon.

Thank you so much for your kind review Sasha! You are welcome back anytime!

Forever Linked Bracelets x Peterson MADE

Charm connector

It works just the way I need it to! Plain and simple, it can fit a few smaller charms on the same connector, so if you’re looking to add multiple larger charms I’d go with a larger mm sizing but this is dainty and perfect for me!

Thank you so much for submitting your review, and I'm so happy to hear you are pleased with your purchase!

Excellent workmanship

Will continue to use Peterson Made.

Thank you so much for your review Vicki. I always appreciate your continued support of me and my business, and it is always a pleasure to work with you! Until next time!

Curated Piercing Service
Bonnie Batusic
Expensive, ear pierced - closed

I'm sorry to report this. However, I felt this was a very expensive process. But I kept going. Finally, it was done. I removed the earring after the expected time period and could not get an earring into the hole. The next morning it was clear that it had closed. The shop is quaint and beautiful.

I am so disappointed to see you rate your piercing service as a 2-star experience, especially when the reasons appear to be price based, and your difficulty with removing and inserting your jewelry.

At a published rate of $35 for your one piercing and $25 for your downsize - my piercing services are priced competitively, also considering the measures taken and practiced to offer a safe and clean environment for both my clients and myself.

Clients make the jewelry selections based upon their desired budget and style. My piercing jewelry collection ranges from $15 per piece up to $300+ depending on the metal and stone selections, and offered in quality implant-grade and fine solid gold materials. I take great pride in offering a quality service, and a collection that meets a wide variety of budgets and styles.

I hate to hear that you had trouble inserting jewelry after you removed it from your piercing. During your After Care consult, I ask every client to contact me if there is any trouble, and the same is also printed on the After Care card provided to every client as part of your service. Had I known you were having difficulties, I could have helped you. There was no need for your piercing to have closed - unless that was your goal.

I’m disappointed to receive this review without having the opportunity to have helped you through your challenges.

Nose piercing

Love Barb… and have told many people “ if you want something pierced ,go to Barb”…. She s the safest and gentlest !!!!

Thank you for submitting your review, and for your kind words! I also appreciate you sharing with others!

Long awaited…...

Barb ROCKS!! Went in for ear piercing (2nd in both earlobes) and permanent necklace. What a pleasure - I didn’t stop smiling the whole time! Felt like I’d found an old friend! Looking forward to more fun with Barb! Go see her - you won’t be disappointed!

Great experience

Barb was great during our bracelet visit. She explained the process thoroughly, answered our questions, and was kind and funny.

Loved the experience!

My mom and I went together as a Christmas gift and left with two beautiful bracelets! It was fun! We will be back!

Curated Piercing Service
Isabella Bonezi
piercing service

Barb was exceptional ! Me and my best friend went for a few piercings, she took her time, was very caring and attentive through the whole appointment, I'm definitely coming back for more and highly recommend her as professional and person <3
Thanks Barb

Curated Piercing Service
Lindsay Strozyk
Barb is amazing!

I had Barb change out the backs on my nose studs that she so beautifully pierced back in October. Both experiences were easy, fairly painless and I am thrilled with the results. I highly recommend Peterson Made for piercing and jewelry purchasing!

Fantastic experience!

Had an appointment for two piercings & Barb took the time to explain the placement options and which earrings would be best. Will definitely be back!

Great experience!

My daughter and I went to Peterson Made to get a helix piercing. Barb was very knowledgeable and very helpful all the way through this experience. It was my first time getting a piercing and she walked me all the way through until the end. I would recommend her 100%. Her jewelry is beautiful as well.