About Peterson MADE

Barb Peterson | Founder.  Designer.  Goldsmith.


Peterson MADE is a jewelry brand designed and hand-crafted by Barb Peterson.  Her namesake collection offers both small-batch and one of a kind designs, along with bespoke and custom commissions for her clients   Barb designs and crafts her collection in her North Carolina studio, highlighting traditional gold-smithing skills with a modern aesthetic. 

Expanding the Peterson MADE in-studio service experience, Barb offers fine 14k gold + diamond Forever Linked "permanent jewelry", along with professional piercing services and fine piercing jewelry . . . all within a warm, inviting and fun studio / boutique shopping experience.  

With her added service and product offerings, Peterson MADE remains committed to preserving and respecting precious natural resources, and partners with designers and suppliers who use recycled or responsibly mined metals and gemstones. 


Real handmade jewelry:  modern, contemporary and fine.  Small batch and one-of-a-kind designs for women and men.  


Across the Peterson MADE collection, you’ll find diversity in the use of mixed-metals, clean lines, unique textures and finishes, and bold statement pieces highlighting gemstones or minerals.


A bit more about Barb's story:   

What started as a hobby for creative expression in 2008, advanced to a small business and a quest to build technical skills and knowledge. Leaving the early days of being ‘self-taught’ behind, I became a student of masters for a classical education in metal and jewelry arts, attending numerous workshops and intensive study programs. 

My work reflects a modern take on traditional goldsmith skills - fabrication, stone setting, metal alloying, wax carving, and casting - and I continue to explore new techniques and inspirations to build my design vocabulary.  Learning is never done!  

In other professional pursuits, I've spent a number of years in global financial services, tech and eCommerce - centered on project management, operations, and customer service - all of which are super important in my jewelry practice!  Although my path is likely very different from others, I am lucky to bring my business experience to meet my creative passions in the jewelry studio. 

Traveling the globe, appreciating an experience, and an on-going hunger to learn and connect are all key ingredients to my inspirations and my outlook. I design and make jewelry for the client who has a clear point of view and enjoys mixing and pairing of different styles across special pieces already in their collection.  

Mixing metals, pairing high / low, rustic or chic, diamonds, fancy stones, or unique minerals . . . diversity is truly where it's at, and I work hard to create pieces that allow my design aesthetic + my customers' distinct style to shine.  

I look forward to working with you!

~ Barb | Peterson MADE, LLC