Curated Piercing Service

Each curated piercing appointment allows enough time for check-in, jewelry selection, piercing services, and a review of after-care.  

Piercing services are offered by appointment and Service Fees are charged at the time of your appointment.   

Book your appointment here, or visit the Appointment link on my website. ** No deposits are collected in advance however, you will be charged the disclosed service fee if you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours in advance, or if you do not show up for your selected appointment time.  

** Once you make your appointment, you will receive an email asking you to submit your Waiver / Release / Consent to Procedure form. Please submit your Waiver Form in advance of your appointment, so appointment time can be allocated to check-in, selection and your service.  

** Please review our Piercing Policy for age requirements by piercing location, and valid Identification requirements for Adults and Minors.  

Note that all piercings are anatomy dependent.  

Piercing Service Fee:  (*piercing service fee does not include jewelry or after-care)

1 piercing = $35 
2nd piercing = +$25 (e.g., $60 total)
3rd piercing =  +$25 (e.g., $85 total) 
Downsize or Jewelry Change = $25 (up to 3) 

All piercing services are performed with a sterile single-use piercing needle; piercing needles are sharp and hollow, allowing for the safest, more gentle and artful piercing experience; all piercing tools are single-use disposable, and/or sterilized in an autoclave. 

No guns or push-style devices are ever used at Peterson MADE.  We are professionally trained and certified, with experience gained at one of the top piercing schools in the USA, along with additional apprentice training with top educators and active professional studio piercers in Arizona, Utah, and New Hampshire. 

Peterson MADE offers a range of high quality implant grade and nickel-free 14k solid gold jewelry and all piercing tools are single-use disposable, or autoclaved / sterilized.   Please see our range of Piercing Jewelry here.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Bonnie Batusic
Expensive, ear pierced - closed

I'm sorry to report this. However, I felt this was a very expensive process. But I kept going. Finally, it was done. I removed the earring after the expected time period and could not get an earring into the hole. The next morning it was clear that it had closed. The shop is quaint and beautiful.

I am so disappointed to see you rate your piercing service as a 2-star experience, especially when the reasons appear to be price based, and your difficulty with removing and inserting your jewelry.

At a published rate of $35 for your one piercing and $25 for your downsize - my piercing services are priced competitively, also considering the measures taken and practiced to offer a safe and clean environment for both my clients and myself.

Clients make the jewelry selections based upon their desired budget and style. My piercing jewelry collection ranges from $15 per piece up to $300+ depending on the metal and stone selections, and offered in quality implant-grade and fine solid gold materials. I take great pride in offering a quality service, and a collection that meets a wide variety of budgets and styles.

I hate to hear that you had trouble inserting jewelry after you removed it from your piercing. During your After Care consult, I ask every client to contact me if there is any trouble, and the same is also printed on the After Care card provided to every client as part of your service. Had I known you were having difficulties, I could have helped you. There was no need for your piercing to have closed - unless that was your goal.

I’m disappointed to receive this review without having the opportunity to have helped you through your challenges.

Nose piercing

Love Barb… and have told many people “ if you want something pierced ,go to Barb”…. She s the safest and gentlest !!!!

Jan Laney
Long awaited…...

Barb ROCKS!! Went in for ear piercing (2nd in both earlobes) and permanent necklace. What a pleasure - I didn’t stop smiling the whole time! Felt like I’d found an old friend! Looking forward to more fun with Barb! Go see her - you won’t be disappointed!

Isabella Bonezi
piercing service

Barb was exceptional ! Me and my best friend went for a few piercings, she took her time, was very caring and attentive through the whole appointment, I'm definitely coming back for more and highly recommend her as professional and person <3
Thanks Barb

Lindsay Strozyk
Barb is amazing!

I had Barb change out the backs on my nose studs that she so beautifully pierced back in October. Both experiences were easy, fairly painless and I am thrilled with the results. I highly recommend Peterson Made for piercing and jewelry purchasing!