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14k Pear and Round White Sapphire Hinged Hoop

Add a little fun to your ear with a White Sapphire Pear & Round embellished clicker hoop.  Offered in 14k yellow gold. 

This design can be worn anywhere you would rock a hoop, but it's a show-stopping option for daith, helix, and septum piercings that allow the diamonds to take center stage.

* Sold as a single earring; if you'd like a pair - please select a quantity of 2. 


Material: 14K Solid Gold

Diameter 11.5mm OD / 8.9mm ID

Thickness:  1.3mm (16g) 

Sapphire Size 1.2mm, 3mm

Total Carat Weight 0.078 ct

Stone Type: White Sapphire