Forever Linked Bracelets x Peterson MADE

Fine Permanent Jewelry in Charlotte!  Forever Linked bracelets by Peterson MADE! 

Grab your special someone, your bestie, your mom, or even your mini - and get ready to share the unique experience together.  

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How does it work? 

Peterson MADE offers an extensive selection of fine 14k solid gold chain (in yellow or white options) and several unique charm and gemstone embellishments.  

First, you'll pick out your favorite chain and decide if you want to add a charm.  Then, your selected chain will be custom fit to your wrist along with a tiny link to secure the chain.  And then the last,  I'll fuse the link closed right on your wrist! - so you will be "forever" linked!  

If at any point you decide to take your Forever Linked off, maybe for a a medical procedure . . . you can cut the tiny link with nail clippers - but don't cut the chain!  When ready to wear it again, come back into the studio to have it re-linked.   * if you need a new link, a nominal fee will apply for re-linking. 


How long does it take? 

The time in studio takes only 15 - 20 minutes... where most of that time will be spent selecting your chain and your embellishment, and getting your fit just right.  The actual fusing process will happen in a flash - truly!  

** Don't forget to add in a few minutes for picture taking (p.s.- please help Barb remember to snap a pic in your #foreverlinked, so your experience can be shared!)


How much does it cost?

The price of your Forever Linked Bracelet will depend on the 14k gold chain you select, and if you decide to include any add-ons - e.g., charms, gemstone embellishments,or even a clasp.  * btw - Forever Linked Bracelets don't have a clasp added - but if you really want one, and just aren't sure you want to do the "forever" commitment, Barb can weld a clasp on just for you!.  

See all of our Forever Linked Charms & Gemstone Add-on's here.  


Do I have to make an appointment?  

Appointments are not required, but are recommended.  Walk-in's are always welcome, but priority will be given to clients with set reservations and consideration of Barb's availability.  


Policies & FAQs:  

* Chain and embellishment selections will be made at the time of your appointment and are subject to availability. 

* If your Forever-Linked needs to be repaired, or you want to add a fun charm or gemstone embellishment - please visit Barb at the studio.  Repairs typically don't need an appointment.  If you are adding a charm or gemstone link, an appointment is recommended.   

* If you have a 'permanent' bracelet that you purchased elsewhere, and it needs to be repaired - pleasevisit Barb at the studio.  A new link + a weld is available for a nominal fee.  Feel free to stop by the studio. 

* If you'd like to remove your Forever Linked, you can cut the added / fused link with  nail clippers. (Please don't cut your chain!)   Barb can re-weld for you, or a clasp can also be added.  

* Want to book a private event, please contact Barb directly.  *please send me an email through the "contact us" page. 

 * this listing is for an in-studio Forever Linked Bracelet.  If you would like to order one with a clasp, please contact me with your chain selection and your finished size, and I will get back to you with a quote. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rose Littlefield

We just love our bracelets and I love my Opal addition from my daughter for my birthday. Barbara is great to work with and makes the visit so enjoyable. This is our second visit and we are going back again soon.

Great place!

Such a cute studio - I went in to get my permanent bracelets repaired. Barb was awesome and looking forward to going back to the studio for future jewelry or piercings!


Forever Linked Bracelets x Peterson MADE

Great experience

Barb was great during our bracelet visit. She explained the process thoroughly, answered our questions, and was kind and funny.

William Davison
Loved the experience!

My mom and I went together as a Christmas gift and left with two beautiful bracelets! It was fun! We will be back!