Custom Commissions


 Interested in a custom commission or heirloom re-design?


  • Send me an email or shoot me a note through the Contact Us Page. Be sure to include important information about your project.  
    • Details like the following will be super helpful:  what sort of piece you have in mind (ring, necklace, etc), desired metal (silver, gold, mixed metals, etc.), ballpark budget, desired timelines, style or design inspirations, etc.
  • I will contact you to schedule a brief initial meeting - over the phone, via Skype, etc. - so we can discuss your ideas and the particulars of your commission. 
  • To move forward, a non- refundable Consultation & Design fee is due to reserve your booking and to initiate the commission.  Although this Consultation & Design Fee is non-refundable - the full amount will be applied toward your final purchase amount.  
    • The Design Fee amount due will be determined by the scope of your commission - either 50% of the total estimated quote OR  $200 for more complex commissions estimated at $500 or greater.  
  • Upon receipt of the Consultation / Design Fee, your project will be placed on the Design & Production schedule and the Design phase will formally begin.  Taking the outcomes of our joint discussion into consideration, design will begin, size(s) will be finalized, and materials will be selected.  Your validation and sign-off will be requested at this point bringing the Design phase to a close.
  • If not already paid, 50% of the full estimated quote is due to begin the Production Phase of your project.  Materials will be sourced and production will be scheduled / initiated. Once your project has started production no refunds will be provided.
  • Any design or material changes requested throughout Production may alter the estimated quote, and may alter the payment schedule and / or the final amount due.
  • Periodic updates will occur during the Production phase so you are aware of progress.  
  • Payment of the remaining balance is due in full prior to delivery.  
  • For an order cancelation after production begins, the client agrees they are responsible for any non-recoverable costs. 
  • Custom commissions and personalized orders are final and are not eligible for a return or a refund.
  • Timelines vary by scope and availability, but Commissions can take 4 - 16 weeks or more to complete all phases.     

Ready to get started?   Send me a note via the Contact Us link, or email me at