Custom Fingerprint Jewelry FAQ's


custom fingerprint jewelry by Peterson MADE


Wondering how it all began? 

Originally created to celebrate Barb’s daughter’s very first Mother’s Day, Barb designed a 2-Charm Custom Fingerprint Necklace and gifted the 1st version of the Impression Kit on Mother’s Day.  At the family gathering, new Mama & Daddy created a double-sided charm impression holding both of their fingerprints, then Mama and 9-month old Baby Girl created a double-sided charm holding each of their prints. Barb cast the impressions in Sterling Silver, fabricated the charms and necklace, and gifted the heirloom quality jewelry to her daughter a few weeks later.   Once the finished jewelry was in hand, Barb realized it was just too special to be a one-time thing, and decided to offer all of her clients this truly special custom experience. 

Kit Contents

  • Impression Kit Guide instructions, ideas on impression methods & troubleshooting
  • Kit Contents Outline & Frequently Asked Questions (what you are reading now)
  • 2 Containers of wax (per each charm kit purchased)
  • Wax Paper. Use wax paper to work on and to protect your table / surface.
  • 2 Stickers (per each charm kit purchased).
  • Fulfillment / Order Form. This form will contain important information and must accompany your returned wax impressions.     
  • If you purchased your kit directly from Peterson MADE, your kit will also contain a shipping label to return your impressions to the Peterson MADE studio.
  • If you purchased your kit from a retailer, contact the studio to request a pre-paid shipping label.


Frequently Asked Questions  

Q1.  What is the “impression” material?

A1.  The impression will be captured in a sculpting wax known as microcrystalline wax, and is not hazardous under OSHA regulations.  While safe to handle, do not ingest or inhale as it may cause irritation.  Wash your hands with soap and water after handling, and adult supervision is required with children of any age.


Q2. Will the wax fully dry or fully harden after the impression cures?

A2.  This wax retains shapes and impressions, but it will not fully harden or become brittle.  After capturing your acceptable impression, carefully return it to the container for shipping and safe-keeping. 


Q3.  Will the wax melt in transit?

A3.  Not likely!  This is a specially formulated wax with a melting temperature of 160 degrees (F) (71.1 C).  


Q4.  How does this wax turn into metal?

A4.  Your charm will be created with the ancient lost wax casting method.  A plaster-like material will be poured around the wax.  After curing, it will go into a kiln for several hours where the wax will melt away and the material remaining will create a void of an exact replica.  Molten metal is then poured in to that void taking on the shape and detail of the original wax impression. The casting will then be cleaned, fabricated and polished to create your keepsake, using traditional gold-smithing methods. 


Q5. Can I capture a new baby’s fingerprint?

A5. Every baby develops differently.  Some babies have a suitable fingerprint from birth.  Most babies have a suitable print by the age of 6 months.  Almost all babies have a suitable fingerprint by 12-18 months old. 


Q5.  What if I want to order more kits, or what if I need help?

A4.  You can order more kits on  If you need help, email Barb directly at