Custom Fingerprint Charm & Impression Kit

Custom Made Fingerprint Charm made especially for you - or your loved one, in the metal of your choice:  Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil, 14k Yellow Gold, or Bronze.  

A one-of-a-kind heartfelt gift for Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Newlyweds, and BFF's!   You can even capture your pet’s paw or nose prints!  Capture a moment in time and hold your loved one near.  Forever.

Upon purchase, you will receive a gift-worthy Fingerprint Impression Kit containing all materials and instructions to capture your fingerprint impression(s), along with materials to return your print impressions to the Peterson MADE Studio for your custom jewelry to be made.  

Once Barb receives the impressions in studio, she will transform them into precious metal heirlooms. In approximately 4 - 6 weeks, you (or your designated gift recipient) will receive the finished keepsake jewelry.   *timeframes have been increased due to overall supply-chain / delivery trends.  

Wondering how it all began?  Want to know what's in the Kit?  Select this link to see theCustom Fingerprint Kit Instruction Guide & FAQs. 


Details of Purchase:  

* One Peterson MADE Fingerprint Impression Kit, including all materials, instructions, and shipping supplies. 

* One Custom Charm in the choice of your metal and size: 

> The Classic charm measures 18mm - 19mm 

> The Mini measures 13 - 15mm

> The Baby measures ~11mm 

* This item will be fulfilled in 2 shipments:  

1st Shipment: The Fingerprint Impression Kit will be shipped within 1-3 days of purchase 
2nd Shipment:  Approximately 4 -6 weeks after receiving your impressions in studio, the custom-made keepsake charm(s) will be shipped / or ready for pick-up. 


**Need more charms added to your purchase?  Order add-on charms here & receive a savings on additional charms purchased.  


If you'd like to add a chain, or have something unique made to feature your fingerprint charm (cuff, bangle, etc.), contact Barb to discuss your ideas.  This decision just needs to be made before your charm is cast and fabrication is complete.  

* Due to the fluctuating price of precious metal, the Impression Kit should be used and the custom jewelry fulfilled within 6 months from the date of purchase.  Peterson MADE will honor the purchase price for 6 months from purchase date. Thereafter, Peterson MADE will still create your custom piece, but additional payments may be required due to changes in metal markets. 

**If you'd like to create a custom charm from a digital or inked print from a loved one, Barb can work with you to create a special piece with laser engraving technology.  Please contact Barb to learn more.