Commission Design / Consult Fee *non-refundable

Payment of this non-refundable Design / Consult Fee will place your project on Peterson MADE's schedule, allowing us to advance to the design phase, as defined in the Terms & Conditions.  **Although this fee is non-refundable, the full amount will be treated as a deposit and applied as a credit toward your total commission purchase upon final invoice delivery.  If your project does not advance to the Production phase, you will forfeit the full value of the Design / Consult Fee paid. 

Client agrees to review the Commissions Terms & Conditions  *scroll to the bottom of the page to review the Terms & Conditions and also agrees to fill-out and sign the Custom / Commissions / Restyle Form - the link to the form can be found in the Commissions Terms & Conditions.  

Upon completion of payment, Peterson MADE will send you an email to confirm your position in the design / production queue, along with an anticipated starting timeframe.   If not already received, you will also be asked to complete and sign the Custom / Commissions / Restyle Form.