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14k Gold Birthstone Bezel Links (Forever Linked)

A fun addition to personalize your Forever Linked Bracelet.  The gemstone bezel has 2 links that will connect to your chain, allowing your charm to remain "in line" with your bracelet.  

Forever Linked Charms in 14k yellow gold are typically in-stock (though in limited supply).  White Gold links are available with an advanced purchase order. 


14k Gold Bezel Links, in Yellow or White Gold, featuring a 3mm gemstone.  Gemstone selections include the following:  

January:  Garnet

February:  Amethyst

March:  Aquamarine

April:  Black Diamond or Moissanite (a diamond alternative)  **see the additional  Forever Linked Charms Listing herefor all of the White Diamond options 

May:  Emerald (L)

June:  Alexandrite (L)

July:  Ruby (L)

August:  Peridot

September: Blue Sapphire 

October:  Pink Tourmaline

November:  Citrine

December:  Tanzanite 


Genuine gemstones. 3mm. (L) denoteslab grown gemstones; chemically, physically and optically identical to their natural counterparts and competitively priced.  


* Interested in an alternate stone or size?  Please contact Barb for a quote. 


Do I have to make an appointment for a Forever Linked Bracelet?  

Appointments are not required, but are appreciated.  You can book your appointment here.  

Walk-in's will be accommodated during operating hours, so long as there are no scheduled appointments for that same time. You might however, need to wait a bit if you didn't book in advance.