Forever Linked - Petite Dangles 14k Gold

A fun addition to personalize your Forever Linked Bracelet, a personalized charm bracelet, or even to add a bit of flair to Endless Hoops / Huggie earrings.  Petite Pavé Diamond / 14k Gold Charms.  

* If you would like to order in White Gold, please contact Barb for a Made to Order request.  

*Each of these are a great option to dangle from Endless Hoop Earrings as well.  


Blue Sapphire & Diamond Evil Eye Dangle. 14k YG, .01 CTW, 7.1 x 4.92 mm

Pavé Cross Diamond Dangle.  14k YG, 025 CTW,  7.9 x 3.75 mm

Pavé Star Diamond Dangle. 14k YG, 03 CTW,  7.15 x 5.4 mm

Pavé Diamond Lock Dangle. 14k YG, .035 CTW, 5.5 x 7 mm

Pavé Diamond Butterly Diamond Dangle. 14k YG, .06 CTW, 5.6 x 7.1 mm

Pavé Diamond Dog Bone Dangle.  14k YG. .04 CTW, 5.5 x 7 mm

Pavé Moon & Star Dangle. 14k YG. .02 CTW, 8.03 x 5 mm

Pavé Snake Diamond Dangle. 14k YG, .02 CTW, 6 mm

Pavé Key Diamond Dangle. 14k YG. .15 CTW, 7 x 2.6 mm

Petite Lightning Bolt Dangle.  14k YG. 11.8 x 3.9mm 

Petite Dagger Dangle. 14k YG. 13.2 x 4.5mm 

Petite Crown Dangle.  14k YG. 10.5 x 9mm 

PavéDiamond Heart. 14k YG, .06 CTW, 6.5 x 5.41 mm

Diamond Bezel Dangle. 14k YG, 2.5mm Stone. 06 CTW

White Cultured Pearl Drop. 14k YG. 4mm Pearl 


* Accurate measurements for each dangle are outlined above; the photo is not to scale