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Titanium Threadless Labret Flatbacks

Threadless labret flatbacks are awesome for various piercing locations and make changing out your piercing "tops" a breeze.  Ideal for ears, cartilage and nostril piercings. 

Titanium Threadless Labret 2.5mm bases with flat base is manufactured from Implant Grade Titanium (Ti-6AL-4V-ELI ASTM F136) and available in various sizes, lengths, and color

Offered in Titanium (white), PVD Yellow, and PVD Rose 

* Sold as a single post


Material: Implant Grade Titanium ASTM F136

Post Gauge:  16g (White only), 18g, or 20g 

Post Base:  2.5mm 

Length: 6mm - 8mm