She's here!

Sometimes you just can't anticipate the response . . .

I mean, I never would have guessed it!   This picture has been shared a number of times on social.  My original intent was to highlight my super stylish Trapezoid Ring - but I quickly learned so many were interested in the bracelet, and since the bracelet could not be found in my online shop, I started to hear from you! 

This bracelet was originally a one-time make, and is my personal bracelet - so when I started getting the inquiries, I really wasn't prepared.  I did however, realize that I needed to listen and learn! - and I realized I needed to make this bracelet again to offer it on my online shop.  

To make this bracelet again, I had to "build the recipe" from scratch.  It has taken me a bit longer than I originally anticipated, mainly due to commitments already in process for commissions and fulfilling orders . . . but it also took a minute to decide and gather the raw materials, and to fabricate it again.  But guess what - She's Here!    

I invite you to check out the Strata Pearl Drop Bracelet