Want in on a [not so dirty!] secret?

Okay - there aren't any real secrets, but there are some definite tips - and  clients do often ask me how to best to clean their jewelry.  Good news - it's super easy to do!  (but, truthfully - ask any jeweler who does repairs and we will let you in on some nasty truths about how little we are cleaning our jewelry! ) 🤢

So, what do I recommend?

1 -Periodically give your jewelry a gentle soap & warm water bath

In a small bowl add some warm water and a bit of dish soap.  Allow your jewelry to soak for a few minutes - then use a soft toothbrush to dislodge any dirt or lotion build-up. If it's been awhile - rinse & repeat as needed!  When done, give a final rinse and dry with a lint-free towel to eliminate water spots.  This method will always be safe for any soft or fragile stones (including emeralds, opals, and pearls.)  *don't forget to close your drains if you do this ritual near the sink!  


​2 - Next, or for a quick clean & polish at any time  

Use a Sunshine Cloth with built-in micro-abrasives to clean & brighten your jewelry.  Just a rub of the cloth across the surface of your jewelry is all that's needed.  The cloth lifts the oxidization and dirt off the metal and deposits it onto the cloth!  * these cloths last a very long time too.  I use these magic cloths in the studio and now I've added them to my online shopso you can have a few too!  Great for home or travel, and safe for all metals.  After use, you might want to rinse your jewelry and dry if any fibers are left behind, and I always like to wash my hands too.
And, don't forget -
if you purchased the jewelry from me and you'd like me to give your piece(s) a deeper clean and refresh, please drop me a note and lets make some arrangements for a jewelry spa day! 😉
Okay . . . in case you are wondering about silver paste or chemical dipping solutions  - they mightwork for you / your Sterling Silver pieces, but I generallydon'trecommend without seeing the exact pieces you are thinking about cleaning.  These strong chemical solutions can damage your jewelry by adding scratches or removing any intentionally placed oxidation or unique finishes.  And, if you have any soft or fragile stones - you will likely be putting your stones in danger.